James Kaguima is a compelling entrepreneurial innovator, with a passion for entrepreneurship & innovation in the Startup ecosystem & working on projects that has a Social impact on society & emerging markets,

He often works with people from all walks of life and organisations on career pathways, fulfilling career aspirations, and uplifting underrepresented leaders and young people in the workplace.

James is experienced in providing knowledge and insights on startups, social entrepreneurship, and tackling barriers to equality, diversity and inclusion within the startup & business sector.

He started and operated in various agencies & startup ventures where he gained his experience & knowledge for entrepreneurship and the world of business.

In 2020, he became a Youth Employment UK Ambassador, where they provide expert guidance and support to all organisations working with and employing young people.

He was also appointed as a Board Member of Young Peoples Executive Advisory Board at the Positive Transformation Initiative 

The Positive Transformation Initiative (PTI) is a network of TRUSTED networks acting for positive societal change, real relationships with real people and its purpose is to help everyone find, create, resource and fund opportunities, that includes you personally, your businesses and your supply chain.

The PTI Young Peoples Advisory Board provides advice to the PTI Management Committee, giving the perspective of young people, while bringing views from a very diverse and inclusive group, to ensure that PTI is fair, open and always listening to the insights of our leaders of tomorrow.

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James believes in the importance of helping you achieve your goals and aspirations throughout your working life.

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James is a compelling writer & speaker experienced in providing the audience with knowledge and insights on the Social Entrepreneurship, and tackling barriers to equality, diversity and inclusion within the Startup & Business sector.

He is a innovative entrepreneur and often works with individuals from all walks of life and organisations on career pathways, fulfilling Business aspiration, and uplifting underrepresented leaders in the workplace. ​

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