James' social entrepreneurship journey started from a young age, where he was the youngest youth worker in his area, and was tasked into securing a grant from UnLtd. to help coordinate an event that had a positive social impact in his local area. He managed to successfully secure funding through pitching his idea to UnLtd. and they awarded him a seed grant of £500 to set up a social enterprise that will host a community sports event that brings together young people and grownups. Ever since then he has been involved in numerous projects that had positive social impact in the community & continued to pursue his Entrepreneurial endeavours.

My main inspiration for Entrepreneurship and business in general came from my Grandfather, James Waweru Kihara, who became a Real Estate Developer in my home country Kenya, where he rose out of poverty, raising himself and putting himself through education and eventually setting up his own Real Estate agency. I grew up being inspired by hearing about rag to riches stories of how prominent individuals that built their own businesses & scaled them to new heights. I plan on applying their work ethic to my own journey.


I founded Hasani Watches, during my Law School exam season, which is a brand started with the goal to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle and reduce wastage of wood resources and utilise it for a purpose by offering handcrafted Wooden watches. We partnered with a Charity called One Tree Planted, so for every watch sold we planted one tree in honour of our customer’s sale. (I was always involved in social entrepreneurial projects when I was young, but this was my first ecommerce where I invested money that I have raised and gained a return on my investment into the watch brand). You will always remember your first sale, treasure it as it is no small feat.

I also won multiple Business pitching & Hackathon events (October 2019 - March 2020 was the period where I was on a streak of winning & becoming finalist in these competitions. I always had a strong work ethic, but this burning desire to succeed only came about during my time in Law School - whilst also learning how to develop healthy routines that enhances my physical & mental health (Going to the gym & maintaining a positive outlook on life, through positive thoughts or prayer).

I am now interested in:
- Community Building
- Real Estate
- Startups Ecosystem
- Social Enterprises
- Ecommerce

What is the best bit of advice that you have ever been given?  

One of my favourite podcastors is Naval, he is the founder of angel list and prominent philosopher. I saw he created a thread post on Twitter where is listed out advice on how to become wealthy, without getting lucky. One of the quotes that resonated with me was this one below “Earn with you mind, not with your time” - I made a visual design which also went viral and gained the recognition from him and the viral tweet helped me make sales on one of my ebooks. Through the Ebook sale I was able to earn with my mind, not with my time. A Ebook is made one, but can be sold multiple times without having to build it again. This is leveraging your knowledge and monetising it to create a business model that allows you to not trade your time for money. When a subscriber asks you a question, make a blog post, podcast episode, a youtube video answering their answer and you save yourself time as I guarantee other people will have the same question. Leverage your mind via media & technology.



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